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We offer a perfect solution for your potato chips production needs. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to make the process of creating delicious and high-quality potato chips as efficient and effortless as possible. Our fully automatic potato chips line includes a variety of machines that work together to produce a consistent and high-volume output of potato chips.
If you’re looking to start producing potato chips, or if you’re looking to upgrade your existing potato chips production line, our Automatic Chips Fryer is an ideal resolution. Contact us today to learn more about how our equipment can help you take your potato chip production to the next level!
Raw Potato Feed Conveyor
The Raw Potato Feed Conveyor receives potatoes from the sacks/container in bulk and feeds to the Grader in a uniform rate for proper output. It consists of Hopper and a Modular plastic conveyor belt. Our automatic potato chips machine price price is reasonable.
The Grader is a Raw Potato Sorting Equipment which separates the potatoes smaller than average size thus helping reduce the small slices during slicing process. Without the Grader, these small slices would have converted into unwanted fried products thereby deteriorating the oil quality. The potato chips machine cost is very competitive in our Factory.
Potatoes are washed in De-Stoner hopper which works on the principle of rotary action imparted by vertical screw elevator. Stones are separated by gravity.The floating potatoes are conveyed upward by vertical screw elevator and stones are separated and settle down at the bottom by gravity. The stones and soil are separated at screw elevator slide mesh due to slope provided between vertical screw elevator and mesh unit. The accumulated impurities are carried by drain point and thrown into drainage. Smooth working of this unit’s operation is critical so that the damage to the peeler, slicer and other equipment is minimized. The vertical screw elevator rotates at constant speed. The flight carries the potatoes to top and supplies potatoes to peeler through a discharge chute. The gap between the screw and cover need to be maintained such that there is no damage to the potatoes which are being conveyed to the next stage. Economode’s automatic potato chips machine price is open for negotiation as per your budget.
Potato Peeler - Sine Wave Type
The Continuous Peeler consists of a set of rotating abrasive rollers and all the rollers rotate in the same direction. The peel from potato surface is removed by rubbing action of abrasive surface of rollers and potato surface. The Continuous Peeler has left and right hand roller combination and has a Rotary Gate which helps to control Peeling percentage. The machines at Economode comes with affordable automatic potato chips machine cost.
Inspection Conveyor - Roller Type
The Inspection Conveyor is a set of SS Rollers. It gently tumbles potatoes to carry out inspection and removes defect manually. The potatoes are transferred to the hopper of Single Potato Feed Conveyor. You can book the lowest automatic potato chips machine price at our Company.
Single Potato Feed Conveyor with Water Hopper
The Single Potato Feed Conveyer with water hopper receives potatoes from the Inspection Conveyor. The Level of potatoes is maintained by Vibrating fork sensor which ensures constant potato feed to downstream equipment.

It Supplies the potatoes from surge hopper to slicer feed auger (Singulator). Speed of the conveyor is controlled by VFD and it can be changed according to fryer load and other requirement.
Potatoes from Single Potato Conveyor fall through the chute in bunches at the auger (Singulator) feed inlet. The feed conveyor is in the form of two auger rotating in opposite direction. The rotating augers supplies potatoes uniformly (in single row) to the Slicer inlet. With our potato chips machine price every business can get their potato chips produced easily & efficiently.
Slicer (Optional)
The Slicer cuts slices of uniform and correct thickness. It utilizes the centrifugal force imparted on potato by rotating impeller. Potato is held by centrifugal force against the inner surface of the cutting head assembly which consists of 8 individual cutting stations. A slice is produced as the potato passes each knife in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. It is important that Slicer receives only fresh water continuously and at a flow rate of 9.5-11.5 LPM.
Washing Station
The sliced potatoes go through a well designed Washing Station where Fresh Water is sprayed by two rows of nozzles. Water spray removes excess starch from the surface of slices & delivers uniform quality of clean slices to the next step. The potato chips machine price comes in various range, you can choose one depending upon your requirement.
De-Watering Conveyor with Water Hopper
Slices from the Washing station fall into the De-Watering conveyor with Water Hopper and further carried to the Blancher. The De-watering conveyor and Washing station water is filtered by belt filter, the filtered water is circulated back by pump and supplied to washing station. Anti-foaming agent is added continuously. Excess water in the tank overflows and goes to the starch recovery plant and treated water is recirculated to Peeler station. All this feature is available to you along with affordable potato chips machine cost at Economode.
Blancher (Optional)
The Blancher is useful when potatoes with higher sugar content are used as raw material. This is connected with a Heat Exchanger to heat water and maintain its temperature at 75-85 deg C. This hot water wash helps in leaching out the reducing sugars and thereby minimize the level defected chips. However, it is recommended to use this hot water washing only in extreme cases since while leaching out reducing sugars, some of the key nutrients of potatoes may also get affected. The automatic potato chips machine cost is affordable for businesses in India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, UAE.

This comes with a proper Filtration System which is used to remove small Potato fines in water, which otherwise would have circulated back to the Fryer through pump. This also consists of a Fresh Water Spray Nozzle system mounted on it to wash the slices after Blanching.
Conveyor with Air Knife & Air Sweep System
The surface water on slices from top and bottom side is removed by Air Knife and Air Sweep System respectively. The water from top surface is removed by blowing the air at a pressure (min. 20 mbar) by Air Knife. The water from bottom surface is removed by application of vacuum (min. -20 mbar) by Air Sweep. The Air Sweep carries water along the air which is then separated by gravity when vacuum drops in gravity box due to expansion. The surface moisture of slices is approximately 6-8% after this important process. We bring to you affordable automatic potato chips machine price.
Vibro Shaker
The Vibro Shaker is fitted with specially engineered vibrators, for accurate & sound free vibration. It also sieves the small particles and separate the chips before feeding to the fryer. The best Potato Chips Line Price is offered only at Economode.
Continuous Frying System
The Continuous Frying System is engineered to provide perfect texture & taste to the finished product & ensure optimum oil pick up and maximum moisture removal for higher shelf life. The potato chips machine price at Economode is for every kind of business, not matter small or big.

Frying of slices take place as the slices pass through heated vegetable oil flowing continuously from one end to the other end of the fryer at a controlled temperature for a precise period of time. Slices are moved forward through a series of paddles and a submerger. Paddles moves the slices forward with agitation preventing cluster formation. Mainly surface moisture is evaporated during paddling and most of frying takes place in submerger section. These fried chips are then removed from the fryer by the fryer take-out conveyor. All this is possible with our affordable potato chips machine cost.
Some of the Key Features are as follows:
Optimal Oil Turnover Ratio – The Fryer is well designed to have low oil holding capacity to achieve Optimum oil turnover ratio.
Multiple oil inlets & outlets – The fryer has multiple oil inlet for maintaining required temperature across the frying area. It also has multiple outlet to ensure quick fines removal through filtration.
Laminar Oil flow -The flow of the oil inside fryer is laminar which ensures consistent temperature Control and proper oil quality throughout the holding area.
Paddle, submerged, off-take conveyor assembly – The combination of paddles, submerged and Offtake conveyor is such that it gives the best product as output. Speed of the conveyor belts can be controlled from the panel to have required frying time. Similarly flow of the oil in fryer can be controlled from the valves.
Air cooled pump – No additional water cooling required for bearings.
Cyclic sprocket – Helps in Manual operation in case of breakdown to take out material from fryer
Belt type Continuous filter – Increases usability of frying oil as filtration system removes fine particles which saves huge cost of oil. The filtered particles are collected in tray for easy removal. There is an option to provide a Drum Type Continuous Filter solution based on requirement.
Oil level Control & Management – Oil continuously flows in the system with the help of pump to maintain the optimal oil level in the Fryer.
Mechanical lifting mechanism – The whole Fryer is designed in a way to have easy cleaning. The hood and both the conveyor (Submerged & Off-take) can be lifted with help of motorized mechanical system with low maintenance.
Oil Storage System & Heat Exchanger – A storage tank is also connected through the pipe line which has capacity to store entire oil in the system. The frying system includes specially designed Thermic heat exchanger or Gas/Diesel Oil Heater.
PLC Control Panel – It supports recipe management through PLC panel and is best suited for this line as a single point control system.
Cooling Conveyor
The Cooling Conveyor receives fried chips from the conveyor belt and feeds them to the next stage. It is required for inspection and sorting (manually) of fried chips before it goes for flavoring. The chips become slightly cooled down, before flavoring by using our affordable automatic potato chips machine price.
Inspection Shaker
The Inspection Shaker is fitted with specially engineered vibrators, for accurate & sound free vibration. The affordable automatic potato chips machine cost also sieves the small particles and separate the chips before flavoring.
Loss and Weight Volumetric System (Optional)

The Loss and Weight Volumetric System consists of 3 parts, The Vibratory conveyor 1, V2 conveyor and V3 conveyor. The Economode’s affordable potato chips machine cost is the solution to all your food equipment needs.

Flavor Applicator with Vibrator
The Flavor Applicator stores the seasoning and discharge it to the vibrator (scarf feeder) through the rotating Screw. This is designed to avoid lumps formation. The Vibrator forms a scarf of seasonings for optimal coverage. The ratio of seasoning and chips is controlled by controlling the speed of the rotating screw. The vibrator (scarf feeder) comes with multi-dimensional adjustable tray for precise positioning of seasoning drop as per the product requirement. Thus you can get the finest potato chips machine price at your affordability.
Flavor Drum
The Zig-Zag Flavor Drum rotates with the chips and seasonings. It ensures uniform flavor application covering both side of the chips. The inside of the Drum has mirrored finish, which avoids wastage of seasoning and helps in easy cleaning. Our Potato Chips Line Price is more competitive in comparison to other brands.
PLC Control Panel System
We provide Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system to control multiple machines and process functions, pre-programmed product menus, and complete data management at the touch of a single screen touch display screen. The PLC control panel is customized and designed specifically for the entire processing line providing user friendly operation and complete equipment control and data management at your fingertips. The control panel is mounted near the fryer with suitable stand for ease of operation. Every business wants Potato Chips Line Price within their budget and here at Economode, we offer you machines in different ranges.


Frying Control

Specially engineered multi oil inlets maintain positive oil flow to clear the product infeed area & provide precise control of temperature & rapid adjustment to feed change.

Continuous Filtration

Circulating oil keeps fines in suspension for efficient removal. Every minute 100% of the system oil volume passes through drum filter to remove 100% product particles for the highest oil & product quality.

Oil Quality

Low oil volume and rapid oil turnover assure fresh product with a long shelf life.

Air Knife

Indigenously developed air knife removes excess surface water from washed slices. Less pm-frying slice surface moisture reduces energy consumption & increases the edible oil self life.

Compact Design

Compact design results into cost efficient operations by reducing space, energy & water usage.


Model Fapcl-300 FAPCL - 500 FAPCL - 1000
300 Kg/ Hr
500 Kg/ Hr
1000 kg/ Hr
Edible Oil Holding Capacity
900 Ltrs
1600 Ltrs
3000 Ltrs
Power Required With Blancher
65 Hp
85 HP
122 HP
Power Required Without Blancher
52 HP
65 Hp
102 Hp
Water Required
2000 Ltrs / Hr
3500 Ltrs / Hr
6000 Ltrs / Hr
Floor Space
3000 Sq. Ft.
4000 Sq. Ft.
5000 Sq. Ft.
Length Of the Line
140 Ft
160 Ft
160 Ft
Material of Construction
Potato chips have gained widespread popularity as a snack food worldwide, resulting in a surge in demand. Potato chips manufacturers have responded to this by incorporating an affordable fully potato chips machine price. This modern line of equipment enables the efficient and high-quality production of potato chips on a large scale.

A fully automatic potato chips line comprises a range of machines that perform different functions throughout the manufacturing process. These machines include a potato slicer, potato washing machine, potato blanching machine, potato frying machine, potato de-oiling machine, seasoning machine, and packaging machine. These parts come within a budget for chips making machine price.

The semi-automatic potato chips making machine price is determined by various factors, including machine capacity, quality, and brand. However, the high production output and efficiency of the line usually offset the potato chips making machine price.

In a nutshell, the fully automatic potato chips line has brought about a significant change in the potato chips manufacturing industry by streamlining the production process on a large scale. If you’re planning to launch a potato chips manufacturing company, investing in Economode’s fully automatic potato chips line is a wise decision. Despite the high initial expense, the benefits of this technology will become evident in the long run.

How fully automatic potato chips machine benefit potato chips manufacturers?

Potato chips are a highly popular snack food that has seen a significant increase in demand globally. However, manufacturers face the challenge of keeping up with this demand while maintaining high-quality products. The solution to this challenge is Economode’s affordable potato chips frying machine price, which offers various benefits to manufacturers.

Increased Production Capacity

One significant benefit of this budget-friendly potato chips machine price is its increased production capacity. This is achieved through the use of high-speed machines that can perform various tasks such as slicing, washing, blanching, frying, seasoning, and packaging in a short period. The machines are also designed to operate continuously, which reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Improved Quality Control

Another benefit of that comes with affordable semi-automatic potato chips making machine price is the improved quality control it provides. The affordable chips making machine price is equipped with sensors that monitor the production process to ensure that the potato chips meet the required quality standards. This helps to detect any defects, allowing for immediate corrective action, which leads to better products, higher customer satisfaction, and increased sales.

Reduced Labor Costs

The potato chips line also significantly reduces labor costs. Since the machines perform most of the tasks that would otherwise require human labor, this leads to significant savings for manufacturers. Additionally, the potato chips making machine price is competitive & can operate 24/7 without fatigue or the need for breaks, reducing the need for additional staff and increasing productivity.

Consistent Product Quality

Consistent product quality is another benefit of the affordable fully automatic potato chips making machine price. The machines are programmed to perform tasks precisely, which ensures that the potato chips have uniform thickness, texture, and flavor. This consistency in quality is essential in maintaining customer loyalty and increasing sales.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, the fully automatic potato chips line also reduces energy consumption. The machines are designed to operate efficiently, using minimal energy to perform tasks. Additionally, the machines use modern technology such as heat exchangers and automatic temperature control, which reduces energy waste and costs.

Increased Profit Margins

Investing in a budget friendly potato chips frying machine price can increase profit margins for manufacturers. The increased production capacity, improved quality control, and reduced labor and energy costs translate to higher profits. Moreover, the consistent product quality and customer satisfaction lead to repeat business and increased sales.

Competitive Advantage

The potato chips machine price is affordable & also provides a competitive advantage to manufacturers in the market. It enables manufacturers to produce high-quality potato chips at a lower cost, which translates to lower prices for consumers. This advantage leads to increased market share and a stronger brand image.
In conclusion, investing in a affordable chips making machine price is a valuable investment for potato chips manufacturers. Though the cost varies depending on the capacity and quality of the machines, the benefits far outweigh the initial investment. If you are a potato chips manufacturer looking to improve your production process, the fully automatic potato chips line is the way to go.

Fully automatic potato chips line capacity

semi-automatic potato chips making machine price is competitive and also is an advanced manufacturing system that handles the entire process of potato chip production from raw potatoes to packaged chips with minimal human intervention. These production lines are equipped with high-tech machines and sensors that perform various tasks like slicing, washing, blanching, frying, seasoning, and packaging the chips. The potato chips making machine’s price is affordable and its production depends on the size and quality of the machines used in the line.
Smaller lines can produce 50-100 kg of chips per hour, while larger lines can produce up to 500 kg or more per hour. However, the production capacity can be influenced by factors like the type of potato used, chip thickness, and seasoning requirements.
Investing in our affordable fully automatic potato chips making machine price can offer several benefits such as increased production capacity, reduced labor costs, and improved product quality. The potato chips frying machine price depends on the capacity and quality of the machines, but the benefits outweigh the initial investment. Here at Economode, we consider the production needs and goals when choosing a fully automatic potato chips line that meets your specific business requirements.


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