Lachcha Semai Line with Infeed and De-oiling Offtake Conveyor

From the simplest of happy moments to the biggest of festivals, the traditional, mouth-watering dessert lachsa semai is prepared to share happiness with a sweet tooth. Lachsa semai is an instant wholesome food which is simple, fast & easy to prepare.

Economode has been a pioneer in manufacturing the semi-continuous Lachsa Semai Line which is a state of the art one of its kind frying line consisting of Fryer, Fryer infeed conveyor and Fryer outfeed Offtake Conveyor and de-oiling system etc. Our Lachsa Semai Line has been helping many renowned manufacturers in Asian sub continents for decades now.

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Special Features

  1. Compact Design ensures cost effective operations
  2. Economic Model Suitable for small scale production
  3. De-Oiling Conveyor with Air knife & Hot Air for maximum Fat removal
  4. Continuous Filtration 
Lachsa Semai Line

Technical Specification

Model LSL-DOC-150 LSL-DOC-250
Fuel Consumption - Diesel (Ltr / Hr)
Fuel Consumption - Gas (Kg / Hr)
Lachcha Production (Kg / Hr)
Oil Pick Up (Fat % in final product)
Edible Oil Holding Capacity (Litre)
500 Ltr
600 Ltr
Oil Filtration
Bucket Type
Bucket Type
Heat Requirement(Kcal)
Oil Tank Capacity (Ltr)
650 Ltr
750 Ltr
Power Requirement (HP)
9 HP
10 HP
Floor Space (L X W X H) - Feet
32 X 10 X 8
36 X 10.5 X 8